Southampton Trustees Will Sit Down With Town Board; Hold Hearing On Duck Hunting


The Southampton Town Trustees will hold two special public meetings next week, on Tuesday, April 29, and Wednesday, April 30, to discuss various issues with the Town Board, as well as their regulations regarding duck hunting blinds.

On April 29 the Trustees and Town Board members will hold a joint meeting at the Hampton Bays High School, located at 86 East Argonne Road, from 7 until 8:30 p.m. The two boards will discuss a variety of issues and projects that involve both of their boards.

Town Board members and the Trustees have had an at times rocky relationship in recent years, largely surrounding clashes about funding and the financial accounts held by the Trustees.

Then on Wednesday, April 30, the Trustees will hold a public meeting for waterfowl hunters at the Hampton Bays Community Center on Ponquogue Avenue. That meeting starts at 7 p.m.

The Trustees and members of their Waterfowl Advisory Committee will be discussing proposed changes to the Trustees’ regulations regarding the registering of hunting spots in Southampton Town waters. The committee has recommended that the Trustees limit an individual from registering and maintaining more than two hunting spots within the municipality.

The limit, if adopted by the Trustees, would not apply to currently registered spots—only to new registrations.

The Trustees have struggled to accommodate town residents seeking hunting spots. There are 294 registered hunting spots in town waters, and some individuals have as many as five or more spots registered in their name.

There are 59 individuals on the waiting list for an open spot, at which one could hunt from a duck boat or anchor a permanent floating blind. A total of 44 spots have been given out since the waiting list was created in 2008, according to Bay Constable Richard Franks.

Following a meeting with hunters in 2012, the Trustees formed a Waterfowl Advisory Committee to work on issues with spot registration and the utilization of hunting blinds. The committee includes two members of the Town Trustees, two Bay Constables, two holders of duck blind permits and one person who is still on the waiting list.

The Trustees will also be discussing regulations regarding the required use of a duck blind in order to keep a spot registered, and the current requirement of a guide’s license to take out-of-town hunters to a hunting site in Southampton Town.

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