Southampton Town Adopts ‘Dark Sky Week’


The Southampton Town Board adopted a resolution on April 10 that designated this week, April 20 to 26, as “International Dark Sky Week,” during which time residents are encouraged to learn more about reducing light pollution.

In observance of the international event, the town will continue the practice of turning off most outdoor lighting at Town Hall early not only this week but also throughout the year.

The town adopted an outdoor lighting code in 2009 to reduce light pollution and help preserve the view of the nighttime sky. In a press release, Gail Clyma, chair of the town’s Dark Skies Committee, said, “Everything that is done to preserve our view of the starry night sky also helps to reduce the many ecological impacts of light pollution.”

Jenn Hartnagel, senior environmental advocate at Group for the East End and a member of the Dark Skies Committee, echoed Ms. Clyma’s sentiments and said that light pollution “can have a damaging effect on local plant and animal species that rely on a night cycle.”

Town residents are encouraged to visit the Town of Southampton’s Dark Skies website at to learn more about light pollution.

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