Sagaponack Village To Hold Saturday Meeting To Discuss Saturday Construction Ban


After receiving complaints from local residents about construction noise on weekends, the Sagaponack Village Board has scheduled a public meeting for June to discuss a potential weekend ban.

At the April meeting on Monday afternoon, Mayor Don Louchheim announced that the village has received approximately 35 written requests in the form of letters and emails asking for construction and loud landscaping to be banned outright on Saturdays. While most of the board seemed opposed to the idea, a consensus was reached to hear more about the issue from members of the public, many of whom say they cannot attend a normally scheduled meeting on a Monday afternoon.

To accommodate the residents, the village has scheduled the meeting for Saturday, June 14, at 9 a.m. in Village Hall. All are invited to attend the meeting, which will determine if a Saturday ban should be put in place through Labor Day.

“I drive around every day, and all it is, is construction, construction, construction, and trucks, and things being knocked down and rebuilt,” village resident Yvette Milavec said during Monday’s meeting. “I think the quiet enjoyment of Saturdays is not asking for too much, and there is an overwhelming amount of construction going on right now.”

At the meeting, Deputy Mayor Lee Foster said she was opposed to the proposal, saying that it would draw out construction projects even longer. Other trustees echoed her sentiments, saying that many of the people who live in Sagaponack year-round make their living owning construction and landscaping companies, and that a Saturday ban would be taking income from local residents.

Currently, the village does have restrictions in place for weekend construction, with projects being permitted only between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturdays.

“I would like to hear public input from both sides of this issue,” Mr. Louchheim said during the meeting. “I think this is clearly an issue which should be addressed, and I would like to hear arguments both in favor of not having the ban, and the other side.”

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