More Bass But Few Porgies Here For Opener


The upside to the continued cold and the damper it’s putting on the fishing is that Peconic Bay anglers probably don’t have to be quite so disappointed that the fluke season isn’t opening on May 1.The other side of the coin is that if you were at least excited to go catch some fat porgies this weekend, like I was, there doesn’t look to be much hope for a gangbusters opening. The first porgies showed up in nets in Gardiners Bay and the Peconics over the weekend, so they’re on the way, but if traps are only catching a smattering there is not much hope for the big numbers anglers would need to be worth the effort. If weather cooperates there will be a good fleet in Little Peconic and Cherry Harbor anyway, I’m sure, since it’s really the only chance to put some fillets on ice close to home right now.

Stripers are still slowly filtering into the bays and surf. A few were caught along the ocean beaches this week and a few more are in the back bay coves and harbors. There’s plenty of baitfish in the bays on both sides of the South Fork to get them into feeding mode. Big schools of bunker have settled into the Peconics and Moriches Bay.

A few weakfish have been popping up here and there too, mostly in the south bays. Worth a look at the deeper estuary channels by now. The water is cold; wear your hunting waders.

Some squid have moved into the bays, just about on time, though not big, big numbers yet. The night slack tides at a lighted dock ending will reveal their presence.

Flounder—not even worth discussing.

This weekend is the White Water Outfitters and Marine grand opening party and it’s shaping up to be quite the shindig. Live music and food from the Hodges brothers at Canal Cafe to go with casting, tackle demonstrations and advice from the pros at Van Staal, CTS Rods and a lot of the other big tackle and equipment companies, as well as engine makers and all the boat experts at White Water. Don’t miss it. Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. will be the main festivities. Trevor Gowdy, host of “Monster Fish” on the Outdoor Channel will be in attendance.

I’ll have an update next week on the waterfowl hunters meeting with the Southampton Town Trustees on Wednesday night.

Catch ’em up. See you out there.

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