Hayground School News, May 8


Hayground School

Students in Julie Fanelli-Denny’s Invention and Innovation class have been working as problem-solvers and designing prototypes to address problems in our everyday lives. In collaboration with the Hampton Library, they printed out a 3D rendering of one of their prototypes. The library has already worked with the class and introduced various programs used to render their prototype in 3D. On Tuesday, the students returned to the library and started printing out their designs.

Arjun Achuthan and Erin O’Connor attended a two-day workshop in Washington, D.C., called “Power of Art.” This was part of a 20-year partnership between The Lab School in Washington D.C. and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. On the final day they were given a tour of the Krieger Museum and participated with other attendees in an analysis and discussion of contemporary works currently on display and had the privilege of meeting the artists afterward to discuss their work.

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