Water Mill Community Notes, May 8


Mother’s Day is this Sunday. My mom lives in Florida and I was grateful to have the opportunity to spend some time with her last weekend while I was there to help celebrate my older sister’s 60th birthday. Even after having been a mom myself for nearly 25 years, I still always think of the holiday more in terms of celebrating my own mother than for the special attention I get from my own boys on that day. Perhaps because of my own experiences as a mother I can truly appreciate the joys and triumphs, as well as the challenges and dilemmas, we as mothers take, mostly in stride.My mom has had some serious health issues in the last few months—complicated by her compromised health in the first place—which all started when she was a girl. She came down with rheumatic fever and despite the fact that she recovered and lived a robust life for many years, the illness has had a long-term effect and several years ago she had to have a heart valve replaced. Unfortunately, an unknown allergy to one of the medications given to her after the surgery put in her a coma. It took years to recover from the experience and the ensuing complications. For a few years, she was doing very well, but now age is compounding small medical issues. I feel some comfort in knowing that sometime in the next month, she will be moving in with my sister in Florida. Between my sister and my mother’s caring and loving friends I know she is being well taken care of.

I miss my mother dearly with her living so far away but I have been fortunate to be able to visit her regularly throughout the year, along with my younger sister. The lessons she has taught me are many and I only hope that my own children, when they older, will think of me with the same respect and love that I have for their grandmother.

The Parrish Art Museum has come up with an interesting activity for its Connections Happy Hour. On Friday, May 9, guests will play People Bingo, in which each participant will be given a bingo card that, rather than numbers, has directions in each box instructing them to “Find someone who …” Participants get a signature in the box when they speak with another guest who, for example, “Wears sneakers to work,” “Can program a robot,” or “Has worked at more than one place last year.” Those who finish the game in the shortest time will be awarded prizes like Slap Watches, exhibition catalogues, leather bound notebooks, and free passes to museum programs including live music and theater, interactive talks and film screenings.

Community support has been pouring in for the Special Olympics event being hosted by Southampton High School on May 18. A new regional game called Spring Games South has been added to the Special Olympics roster and Southampton stepped up immediately as host so that athletes on the East End have easier access to this amazing competition. If you or your business wish to show support for special athletes and hang your banner on the fence around the athletic field, just shoot me an email. Also consider showing your support by being one of the “Fans In The Stands” to root on the athletes throughout the day.

And now that the weather is starting to cooperate, the fact that Memorial Day is just around the corner doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

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