Sag Harbor School District’s 2014-15 Board of Education Candidates




In the Sag Harbor School District, there are four candidates running for three open seats on the Board of Education.

Sandi Kruel

Sandi Kruel is a Sag Harbor native and Pierson High School graduate. Ms. Kruel served on the board from 1999 through 2005, before taking a hiatus for six years, and returning in 2011. If elected, this will be her fourth term. Ms. Kruel is the mother of three boys, two of who still attend Pierson Middle School.

“When I decided to run again, I knew the tax cap was coming down and I wanted to make it work,” said Ms. Kruel. “We’ve passed a bond, we’ve settled contracts, we’ve stayed under the cap so far, and we haven’t had to lay off one teacher. We’ve increased programs with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and we have a new superintendent coming in. I think because we have a new superintendent, and other new leadership, and because I think it’s going to get more fiscally difficult for us, consistency is going to be the key,” she said. “We’ve been in such a great place for the last three years, but we need to get a long-range plan in and move forward with that.”

Thomas Ré

Mr. Ré, a graduate of St. Louis University School of Law, has been living in Sag Harbor for the past 20 years. He is the father of a 10th-grader at Pierson High School and an active member of Sag Harbor Board of Education’s Committee on Long Range Planning. Mr. Ré has been practicing law for 35 years and has experience with contract negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. He is also on the Sag Harbor Community Coalition to Reduce Alcohol and Drug Use By Our Youth, a Knight of Columbus in the Sag Harbor chapter, and a member of St. Andrew’s church and the Christ Church.

“I have a long love and background in education,” said Mr. Ré. “I think that education is probably the single most important aspect of a young person’s development in today’s world that has the potential for consistency and reliability.”

Theresa Samot

Theresa Samot, a Pierson graduate, has served three terms on the School Board. She is currently the board president and has previously served as vice president. Ms. Samot is the mother of two Pierson graduates and has a daughter currently enrolled at the high school. During her time as board president, Ms. Samot helped implement the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at the high school, and said she would support the implementation at a middle school level.

“It’s been a privilege serving on this board,” said Ms. Samot, adding she hopes to “continue the collaboration and lead Sag Harbor into success.”

Diana Kolhoff

Ms. Kolhoff moved to the East Coast 13 years ago with her husband, Randy, who owns Black Swan Antiques on Main Street in Sag Harbor. Originally from Utah, Mr. and Ms. Kolhoff settled in Sag Harbor about five years ago, after living in Southampton and Springs. She is the mother of two daughters who attend Sag Harbor Elementary School. Ms. Kolhoff worked as a high school math teacher for 12 years prior to her current role of mathematics education consultant, where she trains math teachers in professional development.

“I got into mathematics because I like solving problems,” she said. “And I’m good at it. Whatever problems come up, I want to be able to find a solution.”

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