Victim in Jason Lee Rape Case Files For Order Of Protection


The victim in a rape case last summer is seeking an order of protection against her alleged aggressor, 37-year-old Jason Lee, a Goldman Sachs executive.

Robert Clifford, a spokesperson for the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, said the order was filed on May 9 at county court in Riverside. The order has not yet been granted by the court.

Mr. Lee was arrested by East Hampton Town Police in August 2013 after he was accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman at his rental house on Clover Leaf Lane in East Hampton. Mr. Lee pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree rape but has not been convicted.

The protection order request stemmed from an incident between a private investigator hired by Mr. Lee and the alleged victim at her home in Ireland. Mr. Clifford said a private investigator approached the woman at her home, presenting her with photographs of an injury she supposedly sustained after the attack.

According Mr. Clifford, Kim Shalvey, the attorney for the victim, claimed the injury in the photographs are different from the ones she suffered in the alleged attack. Mr. Clifford could not confirm if the order of protection was filed against just Mr. Lee or Mr. Lee and private investigators. He also could not confirm if the order of protection was filed as a “stay-away” or “refrain from contact.”

Edward Burke Jr., the attorney for Mr. Lee, said he could not comment.

The alleged victim, a native of Ireland, accused Mr. Lee of assaulting her on the morning of August 20 after buying drinks for her, her friends and her brother at Georgica nightclub. Mr. Burke maintained sex between the alleged victim and Mr. Lee was “consensual.”

The woman returned to her homeland at the end of the summer, which is why she did not file an order of protection at the time of the attack, according to Mr. Clifford. She is expected to return to the United States for the trial.

Mr. Lee has been on leave from his position at Goldman Sachs since the arrest.

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