Springs School Drops Tuition Rate Appeal


The Springs School Board withdrew its appeal before the New York State education commissioner this week, which was meant to argue for a more fair non-resident tuition rate for the students it sends to East Hampton High School.

According to Board President Liz Mendelman on Monday night, the appeal was filed in April 2013 with the help of the law firm Hamburger, Maxson, Yaffe, Knauer & McNally, based in Melville, but was withdrawn because of the school’s work with the East Hampton School District last fall.

Springs School Superintendent Jay Finello and Rich Burns, the superintendent of the East Hampton School District, met with both of their business officials about the disagreement in the calculation of the tuition rate.

Ms. Mendelman said the solution was reached in January and February with a new rate calculated as $847 lower, which saves the district $228,690 for the coming year based on the projected enrollment.

“I want to thank both Jay and Rich for working through all of the issues and recognizing what costs should be included in the non-resident tuition rate,” Ms. Mendelman said, explaining that the Seneca Falls formula, which is used by the state to determine how much a district can charge its feeder schools, is a complicated process.

Mr. Burns and Bob Tymann, East Hampton School District’s assistant superintendent, both attended the Monday night School Board meeting to talk about the agreement and how the schools are beginning to work together to figure out the possibility of shared services and curricula between the two districts.

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