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Shakespeare was on the minds of 38 students in the Academic Enrichment Program who competed in the school’s first annual Shakespeare Oratorical Contest. The idea was hatched to celebrate the Bard’s 450th birthday, but Sue Ellen O’Connor has promised an encore next year. The students had four soliloquies to choose from. In fourth grade, the first-place winner was Nora Conlon, followed by the second-place tie between Charley Burge, Deja Giles and Andy Merchan, with Julian DelFavero in third. The first-place winner for fifth grade was Colin Wright with Leihanna Riley in second, and tied for third, Tiffany Farez, Kevin Chabla, Hannah Hartsough and Caleb Wright. The sixth grade winner was Julia Gimenez, second place, Karyme Hurtado, and third place, Jeremy Vizcaino. All the students received score cards from judge Peter Fitzgerald with the seventh grade assistant judge Jasper Edie. Anna Rafferty, Nuelle Johnson and Marissa Harry signed up the students and kept the contest moving smoothly.

Southampton High School hosted the Special Olympics Long Island Regional Spring Games South on Sunday May 18. Organized by Whitney Reidlinger, five athletes from Springs participated successfully: Liam Baum, Isaiah Brodie, Juliana Figuaeroa, Robbie Matz and Paula Retana. Volunteers totaling 25 students and staff members helped out at the event that brought about 363 athletes from all over Long Island to compete.

As per his annual tradition, Adam Osterweil mailed out the Lifebook letters to the graduating Springs seniors at the high school. The students wrote the letters to themselves six years ago. In the letters, they anticipated what they would be doing when they received them and how well they had succeeded and what they thought their plans would be. The Group For The East End educator Steven Biasetti is guiding third-graders on a field trip to Louse Point this week. Classes are learning about beach sand, the plants that thrive in this challenging natural area, and the many animals that live there. The Group for the East End has been teaching Springs children about the local environment for more than two decades.

All of the elementary classes are receiving three swimming lessons at the YMCA. The PTA is raising money for the swimming project through raffles.

Ilaine Bickley’s class worked with greenhouse coordinator Hailey London in the garden and greenhouse. After learning about “Eating Your Colors” and the health benefits of the natural colors found in fruits and vegetables, the class created a rainbow garden of vegetables with red lettuce, yellow peppers, rainbow chard, green basil and blue/purple tomatoes.

Nicole Lesta, Lisa Dragone, Jodie Hallman, Melissa Knight and Lou Ann Ramsden’s classes toured the grounds of Long House. The students sketched and wrote poetry while picnicking there. The fourth-graders completed diagrams based on their individual tours. Sean Knight tied in a science unit by having the students identify properties of a solid, liquid and gas in the exhibits.

On Saturday, May 17, the Seedling Project hosted a plant sale of organic herbs, vegetables, and flowers grown by students. The plant sale helps support the school’s Seedlings Project.

Owen McCormack bought a new class pet—a hamster named Captain Kettle Corn. The students are brainstorming ways to encourage her to exercise more.

Kimberly Bermeo in fourth grade is planning an encore of the song she performed for the World’s Fair last week. She is recording the Mexican song of love for Springs School in Action, the school’s weekly cable show.

The administration hosted the annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast on May 13 in the library. Principal Eric Casale told the staff, “You all have had such a huge impact on the children of this community and this breakfast is a small token of our gratitude.”

Our school’s website continues to be updated with stories that share what is taking place at the school. The school reporter, Kim Belkin, posts weekly articles and photos. Principal Eric Casale encourages parents and the community to visit the website frequently. All dates for end-of-year activities and “Green and White” days will be posted.

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