Montauk EMS Captain Alan Burke Kept His Promise


Name: Alan Burke

Call number: 9-3-50

Resides in Montauk

Age: 61

Company: Montauk, Company 4

Role: Captain and EMT, formerly a firefighter

Number of calls responded to in 2013: 200

Number of years volunteering: 42. He has been named EMT of the Year, Driver of the Year and Commissioners’ Favorite Person of the Year over his time.

Why did you get involved with the local ambulance company?: “I burned my bedroom down when I was in the sixth grade, and I swore that I’d join the fire department. I was 18 when I joined.”

What do you find most rewarding about the experience?: “When the call is over, you realize you did something nice for a visitor to the area or for a resident.”

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