Training Leads To Different Levels For Ambulance Volunteers


Volunteers can do many things to help out in their local ambulance corps. Many begin as helpers, then progress through training to become a driver, EMT-B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basic) or ALS (Advanced Life Support) provider. Training provides an opportunity to make friends throughout the community while learning life-saving skills.

Training Requirements for EMS Personnel:

• The EMT-B course is the entry-level Emergency Medical Technician: The original course consists of 180 hours of classroom didactic, skills and clinical observation time.

• The EMT-CC (Critical Care) course is 490 hours.

• The Paramedic Program exceeds 1,200 hours of classwork and training. Both Suffolk County Community College and Stony Brook University’s School of Health and Technology offer the New York Paramedic Program.

• Continuing medical education requirements are 72 hours of classroom and skills training in three years for EMT-B, EMT-CC and Paramedic.

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