Career At Hospital Led Captain Terry Hoyt To Volunteer For Bridgehampton Fire Rescue


Name: Terry Hoyt

Call number: 7-2-50

Resides in Bridgehampton

Age: 61

Company: Bridgehampton Fire Rescue

Role: Captain, EMT

Number of calls responded to in 2013: about 170

Number of years volunteering: 21. Ms. Hoyt has received awards for CPR and was also a Nancy Makson Award of Excellence nominee.

Why did you get involved with the local ambulance company?: “I kind of knew firsthand about emergency,” she said, attributing meeting people and dealing with different ambulance corps at her job at Southampton Hospital as the main reason for getting involved. “I found that I really enjoyed it.”

What do you find most rewarding about the experience?: “Every call, you get something out of. Sometimes, it’s just really holding someone’s hand and letting them know they’re not alone.”

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