Volunteering Has Been A Growth Experience For Southampton’s Zaneta Libuda


Name: Zaneta Libuda

Call number: 7-14-47

Resides in Shinnecock Hills

Age: 31

Company: Southampton

Role: EMT—Critical Care

Number of calls responded to: More than 850 in past 10 years

Number of years volunteering: 10

Why did you get involved with the local ambulance company?: “I always wanted to be a part of the health care field, and this was my first step. I have grown so much since I joined the Southampton Volunteer Ambulance EMS team, starting from becoming an EMT basic in 2004 to an ALS in EMT critical care in 2007.”

What do you find most rewarding about the experience?: “Being able to be there for my community and to support my ambulance team and by getting educated more and more to be better every day. I have met many wonderful people and amazing people in my life, and my goal is to do the same to those who will need help and guidance in the EMS world.”

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