Southampton School News, June 5


Southampton High School

On Thursday, May 22, the Southampton High School chapter of the National Honor Society held an induction ceremony welcoming Michele Abatangelo, Guillerre Cardona, Kayla Cobb, Hannah Connolly-Sporing, Maria Pauline DelaCruz, Noa Dubin, Lara Fayaz, Christina Fontana-Koleoglou, Annabel Gatewood, Emily Goleski, Megan Goleski, Jarred Halsey, Jessica McKnight, Jacqueline Minogue, Matthew Morgani, Christopher Osufsen, Natalie Palumbo, Sarah Pierson, Garrett Pike, Aria Gabriella Pinto, Angelica Platt, Katharine Ramgopal, Matteo Savarese, Kyla Seymore, Hannah Stein, Emma Tomicic and Kyle Vella as new members.

The school was well represented among the finalists of the 2014 East End Seaport Museum’s “East End Challenge” and were celebrated at the museum’s season opening reception on May 17. Students from Jennifer Keller’s AP Environmental Science submitted their art projects with “The Littoral Zone” to have them considered for monetary awards and inclusion in a special exhibition at the museum. Finalists Leila Thomas, McClane Farnam, Angel Bautista, Natalie Cummings, Jarred Halsey, Noa Dubin, Casey Gise and Joseph Strassfield were recipients of $100 scholarships. CJ Collum’s ceramic piece “Littoral Zone” was the grand prize winner of the Challenge and earned him a $500 scholarship.

Sean Brand’s government students were visited by Rudy Horenstein, a survivor of the Holocaust, on Thursday, May 27. “Mr. Horenstein, a resident of Warsaw, Poland, was 17 years of age when Germany invaded Poland and triggered WWII. Ultimately separated from his family, he spent the war years in a Nazi internment camp located in Germany. His story is certainly one that my students and I won’t soon forget,” wrote Mr. Brand.

Southampton Intermediate School

On Friday, May 16, a group of teachers and students participated in the Eastern Suffolk BOCES’ 14th Annual Celebration of Technology in Education at Dowling College. Joining students from across many other districts, the group shared three ways they have utilized technology this year. Kristen Minter and her students demonstrated how they use their iPads and Ebackpack to create a paperless classroom, Kelly Anderson and her students showed how they used technology to demonstrate their understanding of the process of mitosis, and Mei-Lynn Guerrero and her students shared how they are bridging the digital divide with the Discovery Education Techbook.

Southampton Elementary School

The Student Council participated in the 2014 Calverton National Cemetery flag placement at veterans’ graves for Memorial Day. The students volunteered to help place 250,000 flags in Section 10, where Dr. Ellis’s grandfather’s grave is located. The students were mesmerized by the vast amount of graves marked at this massive cemetery. Every grave was memorialized with an American flag.

Lilee Fell Flowers visited the Garden Club on Thursday, May 22, to help the students make floral arrangements.

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