State Senate Passes Erosion Enabling Legislation To Help Protect Montauk Lighthouse


The New York State Senate approved legislation on Monday that would help make it possible for historic sites—specifically, the Montauk Lighthouse—to be protected from erosion by the State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The legislation, proposed by Senator Kenneth P. LaValle, would allow the DEC’s commissioner of environmental conservation to undertake projects to protect national historic landmarks from shore erosion, according to a release issued by Senator LaValle’s office on Tuesday.

“Currently, the DEC cannot enter into financially obligated agreements with non-profit organizations to halt erosion,” Senator LaValle said in the press release. “The Montauk Lighthouse is managed by the Montauk Historical Society, a non-profit entity, so without this legislation, the DEC cannot assist with shore erosion. I am looking to provide a solution to this problem.”

The lighthouse was deeded to the Montauk Historical Society in 1996, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and, in 2012, was designated as a National Historic Landmark

“We need to provide the DEC with the tools necessary to save our pristine shorelines and our historic places,” Senator LaValle said in his statement.

The legislation was transferred to the Assembly for action, according to the release. The bill is being sponsored in the Assembly by Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. of Sag Harbor.

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