Tuckahoe Principal Leaving District At End Of School Year


Tuckahoe administrator Chris Dyer will serve as both superintendent and principal for the one-school district next year after Principal Kevin Storch announced his resignation this week.

Mr. Storch, who came to the district three years ago from the Hidden Oaks Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, has accepted a position as principal of a kindergarten through third grade school in the Kings Park School District. He will remain with the Tuckahoe School District through the month of June, and will take over his new post starting July 1.

This week, Mr. Dyer, the Tuckahoe superintendent, said the board has decided to postpone naming a permanent replacement for Mr. Storch for one year in order to implement a transitional leadership plan. According to a statement from the district on Tuesday morning, the plan is to allow ample discussions about what the district is looking for, what its budget considerations are, and to address the principal’s position in relation to a potential merger with the Southampton School District.

“I have grown to feel like a real part of a family in Tuckahoe and I have enjoyed every day that I have been working here with the teachers and staff and students at Tuckahoe,” Mr. Storch said during Monday night’s Board of Education meeting. “I have enjoyed my time at Tuckahoe very much, and I am very grateful to all of you for the opportunity—I count myself as a better educator for having experienced Tuckahoe with all of you.”

At the meeting on Monday night, Mr. Storch was also granted tenure for his three years of service at Tuckahoe. According to Mr. Dyer, although Mr. Storch is leaving the district at the end of the month, it is a gesture to show appreciation for his work with the district during the term of his contract. The move, he said, will also mean that at his next district, Mr. Storch will only have to be employed for two years before being considered for tenure instead of the traditional three.

“We will expect great things from you in Kings Park,” Mr. Dyer said. “And we appreciate very much you being with us for this time. We wish you luck.”

Board President Bob Grisnik echoed Mr. Dyer’s sentiments, saying that Mr. Storch had been a valuable asset to the one-school district and would be missed.

“Kevin, you have done a great job for us over the last three years that you have been here, and we appreciate the hard work you have given to our school district and our children,” he said. ‘We wish you the best of luck in Kings Park.”

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