Tuckahoe School News, June 26


Tuckahoe School

For the past month the Parrish Art Museum has been running an after-school art program at Tuckahoe, in which students explore the ideas of artistic still life, seascapes and creative use of watercolor techniques under the direction of Parrish art educator Madolin Archer. The after-school group had its final meeting on May 20; the students displayed their art work in a gallery showing at Tuckahoe School.

On June 6, using buckets, sixth-grade students in Ms. Sicari’s and Ms. Gray’s classes drew water samples from the Peconic River directly behind the Long Island Science Center. They tested for turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, and examined macro-organisms under a microscope. Using their findings, students assessed water quality and discussed the negative effects of environmental factors on a river.

On June 13, fourth-graders hiked Big Fresh Pond and Morton Wildlife Refuge to explore different environments as part of the science curriculum.

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