Raven Reddick Wins Title of ‘Miss Hampton Princess’


“I see myself being a veterinarian in 10 years,” answered Raven Reddick, a third-grader from Southampton Elementary School, and who had the winning answer to a question posed at the Miss Hampton Princess Pageant, which took place on Saturday, June 21—its inaugural year—at the United Methodist Church in Southampton. Along with presenting herself properly and being on time for all pageant practices, her answer helped win her the title of Miss Hampton Princess over four other girls, all of whom happen to be her friends. The two runner-ups were Jamsin Esposito and Jacqueline Thulin.

“Raven was really surprised she even won,” said her grandmother Loretta Reddick. Entry into the friendly competition was open to girls between the age of 6 and 11 who live in the Hamptons. In order to win, the child had to possess the qualities of an ambassador and “perform different duties in the community,” said Lenore Thomas, the pageant’s creator. According to Ms. Thomas, the competition had three elements. First, performing a dance, talk about their career aspirations, and then modeling an evening gown.

The winner was picked by two judges, one from Southampton and one from Garden City; a judge from outside the community was brought in to balance a possible small-town influence.

“Raven was very happy she won,” her grandmother said, adding she was pleased to have simply been a part of the competition.

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